The Franco-Spanish War of 1823



The Franco-Spanish War of 1823

By Abel Hugo

Size: 8.5″ by 11″
Volume 1 – 142 pages, 9 illustrations
Volume 2 – 122 pages, 10 illustrations
Both volumes for $50, counts as one book for postage.
Soft cover

In 1822 the Spanish Army mutinied, set up a junta, re-established the Constitution that had been written during the Napoleonic invasion of Spain, and overthrew King Fernando VII. The Bourbon king of France came to the defense of his cousin, the Bourbon king of Spain and sent an army to re-establish him on his throne. The work is a very detailed account of every action, battle, siege and maneuver in this war. The author is the older brother of Victor Hugo. Translated from the French, this work was originally published in 1825.