History of the Polish Revolution of 1830



History of the Polish Revolution of 1830

By Joseph Hordynski


Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Illustrations: 30 maps – the quality of the maps is not good
Pages: 163 pages
$25.00 soft cover

Poland was wiped off the map of Europe in 1794 and divided between Russia, Prussia and Austria. Napoleon rebuilt it briefly in 1809 in the form of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw, but that dissappeared in 1814. The Russians attempted to integrate the Poles into the Russian Empire, but the Poles longed for their independence. Foolishly, the Russians built part of their army from ethnic Poles and left them in Poland. This part of the Russian Army rose in rebellion and for two years fought against the Russians, seeking to re-establish Poland as an independent nation once again. The uprising was crushed and though there would be further such revolutions, Poland would not become truly independent until 1919. This is a detailed account that is focused on the innumerable battles. Unfortunately, though there are 30+ maps the source document was of low quality and they were not what one might desire.