The Battle of Turckheim (5 January 1675)



The Battle of Turckheim (5 January 1675)
By Ch. Gerard
Translated by G.F.Nafziger

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In 1674 Turenne had successfully defended Alsace from an invasion by the Imperial Army in two battles along the Rhine.  However, the Imperials were not ready to give up and had rebuilt their army, including bring the Elector of Brandenburg and his army into the fray.  Turenne was massively outnumbered, but the Imperial Army was torn by petty disputes between the leaders of the various national factions of the Imperial Army.  As was typical of warfare in this era, Turenne began a series of maneuvers that were culminated in drawing the Imperials to Colmar.  He then turned west and in an unheard of winter march through the snowy mountains of Alsace, he sent one third of his army in a sweeping maneuver to strike the Imperial army in the flank.