The Battle of the Boyne (11 July 1690)



The Battle of the Boyne (11 July 1690)

By Demetrius Charles Boulger

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The Battle of the Boyne was fought on 11 July 1690 between two rival claimants of the English, Scottish, and Irish thrones. The Catholic King James and the Protestant King William (who had deposed James in 1688). The battle, won by William, was a turning point in James’ unsuccessful attempt to regain the crown and ultimately helped ensure the continuation of Protestant ascendancy in Ireland. William’s forces defeated James’ army of mostly raw recruits. The symbolic importance of this battle has made it one of the best-known battles in British/Irish history and it is a key part of the folklore for the Orange Order. This work does not end with the battle, but continues with the history of the Irish that fled Ireland after the battle and took service in France in the Irish Brigade.