The Conquest of England by the Normans



The Conquest of England by the Normans
By A. Thierry
Translated by G.F.Nafziger

Volume 1
Size: 8.5″X11″
Illustrations: 2
Pages: 112 pages

Volume 2
Size: 8.5″X11″
Illustrations: 1
Pages: 116 pages

This work was originally published in 1832.  There were at least three editions of it, so it was apparently a very popular work.  The story it tells begins with the earliest inhabitants of England, the Celts, and goes through the Angle/Saxon invasions, the Viking invasions, and finally the Norman invasion.   It provides a complete picture of the Norman invasion and the subsequent conflicts between the Anglo-Saxon people and their Norman conquerors.    It is not a pure military history, but a general history with a heavy dose of military.  It continues the story of the Normans in England through the murder of Thomas Beckett, Archbishop of Canterbury.

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