THE TURKISH CONQUEST OF HUNGARY (The Battle of Mohacs – 1526)



THE TURKISH CONQUEST OF HUNGARY (The Battle of Mohacs – 1526)  by Kemal Pasha Zadeh, Translated into French by Pavet de Couteille, which was then translated into English by G.F.Nafziger

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Pages: 110
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In 1526 the Ottomans invaded what is today called the Balkans and pushed north.  This is a Turkish account by an eyewitness, that was translated into French in 1859 and published by the French Imperial Print Shop.  This is one of the more obscure, yet most important battles of history and deserves more attention than it has received so far.  This is a very unusual work in that it is not a cold, analytical work, but instead a flowery account, filled with praise and Islamic phrasing (i.e. “the bride of victory showered her smiles on the banners of the Most Glorious Sultan….”) of the process of the campaign, which included sieges and one major battle.

It is not an easy read, because of the language used, but it is a significant work on the history of the wars between the Ottoman Empire and Europe.