THE PEASANT WAR OF 1524 IN GERMANY, by Alexander Weill, Translated by G.F.Nafziger

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When Gutenberg first began printing the Bible he started something more than he might have imagined, as suddenly the peasants had access to God’s Word.  They looked and found nothing in it that said God had made the nobles, nobles, so that they might lord over the peasants, and He made had not made the peasants, so that they might be lorded over by the nobles and serve them as near slaves.  They subsequently revolted and, combining their fury against the nobles with a religious fervor and set about seeking their freedom from oppression.  The nobles, of course, were mostly unwilling to accept this change in affairs, hired mercenaries, and went to war against the peasants.  It was a short and bloody war, but it set the stage for all revolutions that followed.  And, if you find this interesting I suggest you look at Gotz von Berlichingen, also on this website, as he was one of the leaders of the peasants.