The Growth and Organization of the Chinese Army (1895-1845)



The Growth and Organization of the Chinese Army (1895-1845)

By George F. Nafziger


Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Illustrations: none
Pages: 100 pages
$25 soft cover

This is an organizational history of the Chinese Army from 1895-1945.  It contains the very detailed, theoretical structural organization of the formations of the Chinese Army including the 1899 “Vanguard Division of the Right Defense Army,” the infantry divisions of the Pei-Yang New Army of 1911, Militia Forces 1906, the Revolutionary Force (1924) division, the Chin-Yueh-Chun (Save Kwangtung Army) of 1925, the August 1925 Infantry Division of the Revolutionary Army, the 1928 Revolutionary Army Infantry Corps, the 1928 Revolutionary Army Infantyr Division, the 1933 Chiao-Fei (Anti-Communist) Infantry Division, the 1937, 1938 and 1942 Infantry Divisions, an order of battle of the Chinese 1944 Winter Army, and the 1945 Infantry Division.