The Afrika Korps: An Organizational History 1941-1943



The Afrika Korps: An Organizational History 1941-1943

By George F. Nafziger

Size: 8.5″ x 11
Illustrations: none
Pages: 128 pages
$25 soft cover

This work provides the internal structure and organizational history of every major German unit that served in the Afrika Korps.  It provides the internal structure of every formation, listing weapons down to the number of light machine guns and antiptank rifles.  Theoretical numbers of tanks are provided and there are actual daily returns of tanks.  It also provides the overall organization of the Afrika Korps on a a number of dates.  These orders of battle include Italian formations attached to the Afrika Korps, as well as independent German companies and batteries.  It also provides weekly overall strengths of the 15th Panzer division, including the number of men and all weapons and vehicles (not including small arms).  For anyone wishing to recreate battles or just interested in the organizational details, this is an outstanding work.  Oh, and it was completely based on German documents captured by the Allies after the war, so it is based on primary documents.