Soviet Tactical Doctrine in WWII



Soviet Tactical Doctrine in WWII

Edited by: Shawn Caza

Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Illustrations: numerous black & white illustrations
Pages: 146 pages
$25 soft cover

This is a reprint Chapter V of the extremely rare US “Handbook on U.S.S.R. Military Forces TM-30-340. It work is full of diagrams of regimental, corps and army level tactics, supported by dozens of illustrations. The work was prepared by the US War Department using all the information that it could obtain from General Gehlen and his staff of Fremde Herre Ost (“Foreign Armies East”). It is a comprehensive examination of Soviet ground tactics, including the important support elements. Part I covers a number of neglected areas: Soviet tactical command structure, the role of combat intelligence and reconnaissance, the tactical planning process and documentation. Part II is an examination of tactics proper. It covers infantry tactics, a huge and highly detailed examination of artillery support, armored and cavalry tactics, and engineering and anti-aircraft support. Part III covers special operations, including night operations, the use of smoke assaults on fortified or urban areas, river crossings, actions in woods, swamps and mountains, and winter warfare. The emphasis in all sections is on the latter part of the war though much of the material applies throughout the war.