Prussian Invasion of Holland in 1787
By Theodore Philip von Pfau
Translated by: G.F.Nafziger

Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Illustrations:  14 maps of actions
Pages: 153 pages
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In 1787 Holland was undergoing a political tumult.  The Prince of Orange had been stripped of his powers and honors and a republic was established  by the “Patriots.”  The Princess of Orange, while traveling, was stopped and insulted by some of these Patriots.  Her husband had no facility to act, but her brother, King Wilhelm of Prussia did.  He called for punishment of the men who had insulted his sister, but the republic refused to give him that satisfaction.  A corps was organized and sent into Holland to gain the satisfaction the King and his sister desired.  This is the history of an incredibly obscure invasion of Holland.  It’s commanders and many of the officers involved in this war would re-appear in 1792 when Prussia invaded France and again in 1806, when France invaded Prussia.   This invasion was not an invasion of major battles, but innumerable skirmishes and maneuvers, all of which are well documented and supported by maps.