OPERATION LINEBACKER 9 May to 31 December 1972, the USAF Project CHECO Reports
By U.S. Air Force Southeast Asia Team


Size: 8.5”x11”
Illustrations: 25+
Pages: 149 pages
Price: $25


This was formerly a Secret NOFORN study of the bombing campaign in North Vietnam from 9 May to 31 December 1972. It talks about the preparation and execution of Operation Linebacker.  It talks about the attacks on bridges and railroads; it talks about the destruction of internal supplies, air superiority, and the effects of weather.  It provides MiG kills and US aircraft losses.  It provides a naval air order of battle by carrier.  It talks about strike and support forces, USAF/USN Tac Air, Marine Tac Air, search and rescue forces, redeployment problems, tactics, command, control & communications, the first B-52 loss, F-111 operations, impact of guided bombs, SAM and AAA activity, and even provides lessons learned.