Military History of Louis XIV, (1694-1696) Vol 8.



Military History of Louis XIV,  (1694-1696) Vol 8, by the Marquis de Quincy, Translated by G.F.Nafziger


Size: 8.5” x 11”
Illustrations: 15 map
Pages: 118 pages
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This work covers the War of Devolution (1667-68), the Franco-Dutch War (1672-78), the Nine Years’ War (1688-97) (also known as the War of the League of Augsburg and the War of the Grand Alliance) and the War of the Spanish Succession (1703-1715).  It covers all the fighting in Flanders, on the Rhine, in Italy, in Spain, the Hungarian Insurrection, and some squabbles with the Algerians.  Though the details on the various battles is limited, the discussions of the sieges and maneuvers is substantial. It also covers various partisan actions, raids, and attacks on convoys.  This particular volume covers 1694-96.