History of the War of Mehemed Ali Against the Ottoman Empire (1831-1833)



History of the War of Mehemed Ali  Against the Ottoman Empire  (1831-1833)
By de Cadalvene and E. Barrault
Translated by G. F. Nafziger

Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Illustrations:  4 maps
151 pages
$25.00 soft cover

Mehemed Ali was the Pasha of Egypt. He had commanded the Ottoman Army that attempted to suppress the Greek Revolution and whose fleet was defeated at Navarino.  When the Porte reneged on its promises for his support in that operation, he took matters in his own hands and marched on Syria.  For such an obscure war, this is an amazingly detailed work.  The account of the attack on Acre is the most detailed account of the storming of a fortress I have ever read.  If you’re interested in the military history of the Ottoman Empire this book is a must.  If you’re interested in the obscure, again this work is a must. This work was originally published in 1837.