HISTORY OF THE 1ST CRUSADE, By J.F.A. Peyre, Translated by G.F.Nafziger

Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″
Pages: Vol 1, Part 1: 102 pages; Vol 1, Part 2: 122 pages; Vol. 2 Part 1: 113 pages: Vol 2 Part 2: 117 pages
Illustrations: 4 Maps
Price $90

This work was originally published in 1859.  It is an extremely detailed account for anything on a historical subject of this epoch and is based on documents dating from the time of the Crusade.   Its tarts with the forming of the crusade, the crusade of Peter the Hermit, and the subsequent 1st Crusade.  It talks about the issues that occurred during the Crusaders’ march from Europe to the Holyland, about the relations with the Greek Emperor, various incidents in the Holyland, such as the discovery of the lance that pierced Christ, and, of course, the various battles.