THE FRENCH ARMY, ROYAL, REPUBLICAN, IMPERIAL Vol. 5, Regiments Hors de Ligne (Foreign Regiments)



The French Army, Royal, Republican, Imperial Volume 5, Regiments Hors de Ligne (Foreign Regiments)

By George F. Nafziger

Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Illustrations: 66
Pages: 133
Price: $25

This is the fifth of five volumes. This volume all the Swiss units in the French army from the Revolution to 1815. It also all the formation of King Joseph’s Spanish Army, the Spanish units in the French Army, the Portuguese Legion, the Croatians, the Chasseurs de l’Orient, Regiment Westphalie,  Regiment Tour d’Auvergne (1st Foreign),  Regiment d’Isenbourg (2nd Foreign), Irish Legion (3rd Foreign), Regiment de Prusse (4th Foreign), the Albanian Regiment, Hanoverian Legion, 13th Hussar Regiment, Chevaulegers d’Aremberg, and the 1815 foreign regiments.  A general history of each formation is provided and, where possible, the internal structures, i.e. number of colonels, captains, etc., etc.