The Dahomey Campaign (1892-1894)



The Dahomey Campaign (1892-1894)
by Jules Poirer
Translated by G.F.Nafziger

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Pages: 126 pages
Illustrations: 3
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The King of Dahomey, Behanzine, was a blood-thirsty murderer who regularly launched raids into neighboring lands for slaves and victims for his murder mill.  France had a series of trading posts along the coast (of modern Benin) and a protectorate relationship with a local king.  Behanzine raided and France reacted.  This work provides a detailed account of the discussions in the French government that led up to the conquest, the military preparations, and the various actions fought as the French fought their way through the brush and jungle of modern Benin.

When the war ended Behanzin was deposed and his slaving activities stopped.  His palace, which was surrounded by the skulls of his victims, was destroyed.