Austerlitz: A Russian Account of the 1805 Campaign



Austerlitz: A Russian Account of the 1805 Campaign

By Lt. Gen. Mikhailovski-Danilevski

Translated by G.F.Nafziger

Size: 8.5″ x 1″
Illustrations: 9 B&W maps
Pages: 139 pages
$25.00 soft cover

This is the second translation of a work by Lt. Gen. Mikhailovski-Danilevski presented by the Nafziger Collection. Mikhailovski-Danilevski was the first “scientific” Russian military historian, in that he did research in the Russian Imperial Archives to support his work. This work is unusual in that it is an early Russian account of Austerlitz campaign. It was originally published in French translation in 1841 French (by General Leon Narishkine). It covers the entire campaign, all battles, including Krems and Austerlitz, giving a Russian perspective on both the battles and the Russian retreat after Ulm. It is, in that sense, a most unusual work and well worth reading. This is an unusual opportunity, as the original book (in French) is extremely rare.