ACCOUNT OF THE CAMPAIGN in Brabant and Flanders 1746



Account of the Campaign in Brabant and Flanders 1746
By J.-B. J. Damarizit de Sahuguet d’Espagnac
Translated by G.F.Nafziger

Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Illustrations: 5 maps
Pages: 61 pages
Price: $25

In 1745 Marshal de Saxe began a three year campaign in Flanders and Brabant (modern Belgium) against an army of English, Dutch, Austrians, Hanoverians, Hessians and Baverians.  This work is a period account, by an eye witness, of the 1746 campaign.  It includes the sieges of Antwerp and Namur and the battle of Rocroux.