A Contemporary Account of the 1799 Campaign in Holland



A Contemporary Account of the 1799 Campaign in Holland

By General Thomas Graham, Baron Lynedoc

Edited & Annotated by G.F.Nafziger


Size: 8 ” x 11″
Illustrations: 3 very large, highly detailed maps
Pages: 171 pages
$25.00 soft bound

This is the fifth and last of Graham’s five volume series and the largest. It was so big that I had to make the font a bit smaller to keep from killing a tree to get the paper for every book. Still, it’s nearly twice the size of my normal books, so I’ve had to raise the price a bit. Sorry! Anyway, the book. Being English and well connected, Graham has tons of data from the English side of this abortive operation. There are orders of battle for the British in the text. A complete and detialed discussion of all three major battles, and a very large collection of correspondance and other information in the appendicies. Most of the latter is English, but there is Dutch General Daendel’s account of the campaign. Graham did not have a lot of French documentation when he prepared this volume, but it certainly provides a good review of this obscure campaign.