1809 Campaign in Germany Volume 4



1809 Campaign in Germany Volume 4

By General Pelet

Translated by G.F. Nafziger

8.5″ x 11
Illustrations: None
Volume 4 – 190 pages
$25, Soft cover

General Pelet was a participant in the 1809 campaign, being wounded at Ebersberg and later fighting at Essling and Znaim. This is his account of the entire campaign, in Germany, Italy, Poland, Saxony, Naples, and Walcheren. Pelet is also noted for his account of the 1810 campaign in Portugal. This volume covers the battle of Essling, operations of the Austirans and Russians against the Poles on the Vistula, Napoleon’s operations from June to July, operations in southern Austria in Apirl, May and June, the battle of Wagram, the Austrian retreat into Bohemia and the Znaim Armistice, Peace negotiations, the English operation on the Scheldt,  the entrenched camp at Raab and the battlefield of 14 June 1809,