Russo-Swedish War of 1808-1809



Russo-Swedish War of 1808-1809

By Alexander Mikhailovsky-Danielevsky

Translated by A. Mikaberidze & E. Vovsi

8.5″ x 11
Volume 1 – 185 pages, 34 maps and 10 B&W illustrations
Volume 2 – 86 pages, 5 maps
$55, Soft cover, treated as one volume for postage purposes

The author was the first professional Russian military historian who used Russian archival documents as the source for his writing. He adds a particular and unique perspective on military subjects because he was also a lieutenant general. This work is the complete history of the Russo-Swedish War. It contains numerous battle maps and orders of battle. There is one other English language work, obscure and very rare, on this campaign. It is a detailed account and from the Russian perspective.